The new range of GRANELL compatible capsules are 100% compostable, 100% free of plastic and aluminum and produced with renewable energies; and also, to encourage their consumption, they are compatible with Nespresso coffee machines.

The launch of the new capsules responds to an increasing demand for quality coffees, easy to use and especially with capsules of sustainable materials.

These capsules with minimal ecological footprint pursue the objective of reducing the use and impact that plastics produce in the environment.

The main advantages for the environment are due to the compostable materials of the capsules and the manufacturing process. That is, the product is biodegradable and becomes compost in 18 weeks (at an average temperature of 16 º C). For this, it is convenient that it be deposited in the container of organic waste.

As they are manufactured with clean energies (wind, sun, hydroelectric energy and biogas), they totally eliminate CO2 in the entire process.

In addition, the new range has the certification DIN CERTCO and OK COMPOST that verifies the compostability of the same.

The new family of compostable Cafés Granell capsules is made up of multiple varieties: Daily Blends Range, Origins Range (Colombia, India and Brazil), Aromas Range (vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut and cinnamon) and finally, the range of Organic Coffees