The traditional Cappuccino was born in Italy and owes its name to the friars “cappuccinos” who wore tunics with a color similar to that of this drink.

When it comes to coffee drinks this drink is the most popular.

It consists of an “espresso” and emulsified milk that gives rise to a creamy, dense and sweet drink. Our freshly ground coffee guarantees thequality of the cappuccino.

The most important elements when preparing it are the textureand the temperature of the milk that should not reach the boil or pass from70 ° C.

Regarding the syrups, you can choose from: vanilla and chocolate.

To taste it is not necessary to remove the content. Its flavor is sweet and it is served at the ideal temperature for consumption.

Emulsifiedmilk, Granell coffee “Gran Selección 1940” and Jarabe Monín.

Barista comment:
The correct emulsion highlights the natural sweetness of the milk and a sweet, elastic and bright texture that, together with our Espresso Gran Selección 1940, achieves a perfect harmony of flavors and awakens pleasant organoleptic sensations.