The affogato:

The recipe we bring you today is a delicious dessert to enjoy after lunch or at any time of the day.
The affogato  is a dessert that combines two of the great Italian specialties: ice cream and espresso. Originally from Milan, the traditional recipe consists of the combination of vanilla ice cream with hot espresso coffee and is a delicious way to enjoy ice cream in winter and coffee in summer.

At Cafés Granell we tell you how to prepare an affogato with horchata ice cream, a very Mediterranean combination linked to our roots.

The horchata:

Horchata is a Valencian drink native to Alboraya made with water, sugar and chufa (small tubers with incredible nutritional properties). It is consumed normally as a drink , but traditional ice cream is also made , and its delicious!

The recipe:

The affogato recipe is really simple, but its result will surprise you: a creamy drink with sweet-bitter contrasts, cold-hot.


2 scoops of handmade horchata ice cream.

60 ml of double espresso Cafés Granell Gran Seleccion

Syrup to taste for the decoration of the glass.


Decorate the cup  with syrup. Place the scoops of ice cream on the base of the glass. Pour the coffee on the Horchata ice cream.

Barista Review:

To enjoy your horchata affogato, we recommend serving ice cream in a cold glass and tempering the coffee a few seconds before pouring it into it. An unbeatable affogato needs a perfect espresso: we recommend our range of compostable compatible capsules : try your affogato with our Aroma range of compostable compatible capsules and create a dessert with vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut or cinnamon touch. Discover it here. If you liked our recipe experience changing the flavor of your ice cream and trying out funny toppings to improve the flavor and presentation of your dessert.