This coffee is a rare and unique coffee grown on rich volcanic soils around Mount Sesean on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The coffee is cultivated in small home gardens by ten families belonging to the “Toraja” tribe.

The Toraja represent one of the few independent ethnic groups in the Sulawesi highlands who have managed to maintain their distinctive cultural identity reflected in their language, social rituals and religion. They are talented and renowned craftsmen of fascinating wooden artwork designed to express their complex philosophy of life.

The coffee corresponds with the individuality of their culture in every aspect; the Arabica variety in use has practically disappeared from the globe, due to its petite yield compared to those of other commercially grown plants. Cultivation, crop harvest and processing are completely manual and resemble an historical form of private coffee production. The coffee is served in 5 kg wooden barrels manually handcrafted by the tribe. Each barrel has a unique design.

This handmade delicacy meets our highest quality demands, and those of the gourmet- with a clear unmistakable fragrance, an intense yet creamy body with just a hint of spiciness in its flavour. Ideal for the most demanding palates.

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