We firmly believe that the future lies in offering quality coffee and being at the side of our customers, that is why we have created The Coffee Academy, where we offer advice from our expert barista in the world of coffee. We teach the best way to work our coffee to get the maximum performance and thus allow our customer to differentiate offering highest quality cup.

We want to train food service professionals to know the product from its origin, the processes we carry out in our plant, and help them prepare the best coffees so that the end customer can enjoy them as we had imagined them. In Cafés Granell we pursue the goal of growing by bringing excellent quality coffee to the best traditional bars and restaurants in the Mediterranean, and we do this by supporting ourselves in two main strengths: innovation andthe quality of our products.

Our barista academy has a clear vocation: train foodservice professionals in order to professionalize the art of making coffee.

For this reason, we have developed a series of workshops and Masterclasses such as: “Espresso Perfecto”, “Coffee Art Painting” or “Latte Art”.

We recently held a Latte art workshop where some of our clients ,together with our Barista,trained in order to offer the highest quality cups.

They practiced how to cream the milk correctly, a fundamental point for the good preparation of latte art, which is a technique used to make drawings on the surface of coffee. The drawing is formed when the emulsified milk cream comes in contact with the coffee, after making the contrast.

In the course, they practiced drawings like the Rosette, the hearts …. Art with which we can surprise our customers every day.